Workshop Equipment

Due to our manufacturing background we can offer the appropriate equipment to maintain your valves as per the manufactures recommendations and according to the relevant industry standards.  We also manufacture our own range of test benches, which can be equipped with our patented conditioning monitoring system. The below list is a specification for a recent workshop commissioned and installed by ESD UK Limited.

Should you require workshop equipment, please contact us using the above details to discuss further.

Workshop Equipment:

  • Lapping Machine suitable for valve seats up to 12″ in diameter, floor space 1350mm x 1640mm, heavy duty with integral drive motor and fear reducer, 3 conditioning rings with adjustable roller bearing yoke, abrasive slurry distribution system. The machine is supplied with a 300mm optical flat 1/4 light band and a monochromatic light.
  • Hand Lapping Plates sets, 6″, 12″ and 18″ Diameter.
  • Valve Test Bench suitable for valves up to 12″ in diameter and pressure up to 3200psi. Suitable for putting valves into full lift, hydraulic clamping, air and air over water test features, high pressure air compressor for up to 6000psi, API 527 seat leakage fixture. Complete with data recording system for displaying digital test results and certificates. 3 stage 5 HP compressors.
  • Surface Table for checking trueness of valve components during overhaul. Table 2000mm x 1250mm (greater than 6ft x 3ft) cast iron surface with a grade 3 finish.
  • Flange Caps – 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, & 12”
  • Sand Blaster for cleaning safety valves during overhaul and strip down. Portable system capacity 150Kg, height 1000mm and shell diameter 500mm. Large wheels heavy duty lifting lugs, deadmans handle, 2 x 10m remote lines, 10m blast hose c/w fittings. Breathing air filter c/w fitting kit and CE-marked helmet c/w belt and regulator. Sand Blaster For Cleaning Valves
  • Washing down facility for decontamination of safety valves during overhaul and strip down. Capable of holding valves up to 12″ in diameter, door clearance 1400mm. Auto wash and rinse, front, loading multi-stage spray system. Stainless steel construction, logic programmable controller. Complete with operator’s spray lance, inline fluid particle filtration, auto detergent dosing and 2 years spares.
  • Machining facility for turning down valve seats, nozzles and spindles.
  • Computers / Laptops
  • Training For All Equipment
  • On-Site installation & Commissioning