We have identified a need to certify and train local technicians. Therefore we introduce our certified Pressure Safety Valve Training Course.

Who Should Attend?

The main course is designed for Safety Relief Valve Technicians. In addition to the main course we also run a Safety Valve Senior Management course that is designed to give managers a general understanding of safety valves and their maintenance.

The Technician course combines onsite training and an external examination at our head office location in UK. A certified examiner conducts the exam, which last 2 hours. Only Technicians who pass will be awarded a Certificate.

The purpose of the certified training course is to enable department managers to have the confidence to award competent person status to the technicians carrying out Safety Valve Maintenance.

This is industry standard practice and is expected by major insurance companies worldwide to ensure the application of correct overhaul procedures.

ESD UK Limited is able to tailor the course to your requirements. On the following page we will cover the main course content and further details regarding the course structure.

The courses can either be structured into a total valve care package or as a standalone course. If required ESD UK Limited can come to your site and manage all aspects of Safety Valves.

During our total care package we will train your technicians on-site, which will enable them to gain vital experience working along side our designated competent person valve technicians.

Our standalone course is an intensive 4 weeks on-site course followed by a 2 week refresher course at our head office in UK, including exam. The maximum number of candidates per instructor is 6.

Course Content:

• Design fundamental of PSV’s
• Codes and standards relating to PSV’s
• Principles of pressure relief
• Sizing and terminology of PSV’s
• Testing, overhauling and spare parts identifications of PSV’s
• PSV components and operation
• Principle of operation of on-line PSV’s test equipment, hot and cold testing

The course is split 60% practical demonstrations followed by practical tests and 40% theory covering every aspect of valve maintenance. The course will also cover record keeping by means of overhauling records and final test certificates.

Keep you personnel and plant safe by overhauling your most vital safety device correctly. Contact ESD UK Limited and we will be very pleased to assist you and offer advice. Once you have certified technicians why not obtain HSB Certified Valve Workshop Certificate. Contact ESD UK Limited for further details.