Maintenance – Understanding Your Facility

ESD supply one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of safety valves under the brands of Seetru and Leser. ESD Engineering Services, the service arm of ESD, draws on experience and expertise to provide the management and maintenance of customer’s inventories of safety valves whatever the safety valve type, size and make.

  • Spring loaded safety and relief valves
  • Dead weight loaded safety valves
  • Torsion bar safety valves
  • Pilot operated safety valves S Breather valves
  • Vacuum relief valves
  • Supplementary loaded safety valve systems

ESD Engineering Services have at their disposal an extensive range of test rigs to meet specialist requirements, as well as the support of the full ESD technical department to develop and adapt equipment to meet new uses and requirements.

ESD Engineering Services are the solution­:

  • Whether you have one valve or hundreds of valves;
  • Whether you want on‑site work or to send your valves away;
  • Whether your requirement is in normal working hours or 24/7.

ESD partners have depth of knowledge and experience of safety valves which means that ESD can aid its customers in the development, implementation and management of high quality valve management programmes.

Standard overhaul

Pre‑test ‑ the valve is mounted on the test plant and its performance is recorded Dismantle ‑  the valve is stripped down

Inspect ‑ internal components are inspected and their condition recorded Overhaul ‑ clean, ensure free movement and short/standard re‑lap of seat and disk Reassemble ‑ the valve is rebuilt

Set and test ‑ valve is set to the appropriate test pressure, for application and medium, and any additional tests such as Kellog bubble test and back pressure test are performed Protect ‑inlet and outlet are protected from ingress of foreign matter Certification ‑ a test certificate and findings report are provided to the customer & report

Valve repair ESD have all the capabilities and facilities of a safety valve manufacturer available to carry out any necessary repair work. ESD can also carry out the maintenance and overhaul of safety valves in‑situ.

Non‑repairable valves Some valves cannot be repaired, in which case ESD can‑­

  • E‑mail photographic images in support findings.
  • By arrangement, stock original equipment manufacturers spare (ESD only supply and fit original manufacturer’s spares)
  • Offer a suitable alternative from the Seetru and Leser ranges, or like‑for-like replacement.

As we are directly linked to the Safety valve Manafactureres, we can offer a full range of technical services including:

  • System Upgrades and Safety Valve Pressure Changes
  • Valve Sizing and Selection
  • Back Pressure Calculations
  • Diagnosing System Problems and Providing Solutions
  • Solving Problems Around API 526

Should you wish to discuss any of the above about your plant, please contact us by clicking on the above tab.